Expert Opinion | Victoria Hills, Royal Town Planning Institute

Victoria Hills MRTPI FICE Chief Executive at Royal Town Planning Institute Having worked for all three Mayors of London and with 20 years’ experience and expertise in planning, transport & organisational leadership and development, Victoria is passionate about planning great ‘liveable’ places. We asked Victoria for an insight [...]

2020-11-16T10:52:28+00:00November 12th, 2020|

BIM for Housing Associations

  Housing associations make up a huge chunk of the property market and are among the UK’s largest landlords. As well as being the main provider of supported accommodation and an alternative to council-owned housing, they also offer a range of shared ownership properties. As a sector, housing associations look [...]

2020-10-13T20:07:32+01:00October 13th, 2020|

Expert Opinion | Andy Smith, John Lewis Partnership

Andy Smith Senior Manager Head Office Facilities at John Lewis Partnership As a RICS chartered, executive level, built environment specialist experienced in all aspects of property operations, management and development, Andy is a highly regarded and influential leader of our industry. We asked Andy for an insight to [...]

2020-06-15T14:14:50+01:00June 15th, 2020|

Roadmap to Recovery – Restart, Reset, Reinvent

As the property industry continues its return to work, the focus is firmly on the future. For many - perhaps most – the old way of working has been swept away. In a sector where change happens gradually, this has been a steep learning curve. Digital construction technology [...]

2020-06-15T13:17:02+01:00June 15th, 2020|

UK Property Market in 2020 – 5 Things To Consider

The property market in the UK is a key indicator of how well (or otherwise) the wider economy is faring.  Over the past 3.5 years, this was just one of many industries slowing down and stagnating in a climate of political instability.  With the result of December’s General Election giving [...]

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BIM (Building Information Modelling)

If you’re looking to start a new project, or continue an existing development with a new direction, then the best way to ensure success is by having the correct planning, and utilising a timeline that works for you from day one. With Digital Inc, we have a number of packages [...]

2020-02-13T11:06:05+00:00January 20th, 2020|

The True Cost of Your Employees

Traditionally, January is the most popular month for changing jobs.  Whether it’s the effect of the Christmas holidays (and a reassessing of the usual work routine) or the idea of “New Year, New Start”, it means that over the next few weeks, many organisations are likely to see a number [...]

2020-02-13T10:51:17+00:00January 10th, 2020|

BIM For Heritage

Get your project going in the right direction with Digital Inc. We support all design stages, from consulting and modelling to referencing, technical drawings, indoor toolkits and more. Everything you need to plan out the perfect renovation. Since 2015 to the beginning of 2020, we’ve saved our clients £11,243,092. The [...]

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Revit Technicians

We know it is cliché to say it, but we can’t believe it is December! 2019 seems to have flown by and we are pleased to say that this year has been an excellent one for us. To-date, we have been providing our design and cost saving services to the [...]

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Trust In Our BIM Engineers For Your Upcoming Project

Understanding and maximising the potential of BIM (building information modelling) is vital. Any investment in this area will need to be complemented by expertise and guidance. Fortunately, our work is framed by our experienced BIM engineers that can move you through each stage. BIM services at Digital Inc At Digital [...]

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