From the biggest companies in the world through to start-ups, everyone uses outsourcing in some description. It could a HR department or an accountant, they are useful at performing the tasks that are required without the need for internal training and ubiquitous understanding.

BIM outsourcing at Digital Inc

BIM (Building information modelling) outsourcing has grown from strength to strength in recent years. With many businesses seeking to cut costs and scale down construction projects, outsourcing is a great asset. Read about BIM outsourcing on our Consulting pages.

Our team at Digital Inc have become a leading provider of BIM outsourcing over the past decade. In this time, we have seen a shift in the attentions of construction companies, architects and building firms – everyone wants greater detail, quicker access to plans and collaborative plans.

What is involved in our BIM outsourcing?

Every project that we are tasked with at Digital Inc is slightly different. Sometimes we are called to take a project from start to finish – from design to construction and beyond – while other times we are tasked with improving a job that has gone awry.

Whenever we are called to support a project, we will assign our highly trained industry BIM experts to explain the process. This helps to reassure our customers that they have a supportive team ready to cut costs, save time and improve the whole construction process.

To discover the potential of our BIM outsourcing and the difference it could make to your project, speak with us today.