Relationship Agreement

Digital Inc. is founded on efficiency and optimised workflows to provide you, our client, with the most cost-effective solutions. Its success counts on collaboration, clear communication and understanding between you and us. How we work is very much in partnership with you and we value your feedback. To ensure our projects are carried out to the highest calibre as we form a successful, long-term working relationship, we ask you to review and agree to the following:

Sign off and Payment

The service we provide is complex and subject to quality checking at specific stages during the process, and possibly, again after final delivery to you. Therefore, we ask that as our partner, you agree to review all work submitted by Digital Inc. within a 2-week period following final delivery. We then ask that you give us the opportunity to make any final amends based on the clear feedback you provide. In return, we trust that you settle our invoices promptly (and in any event within the 30-day time period set out in our Terms of Business). We cannot accept any reduction in our fees or negotiation due to issues you raise after delivery. As set out in our Terms of Business, anything we have created for you will remain the property of Digital Inc. until you hav