Waitrose Campus, Bracknell

Waitrose Campus Bracknell, which houses the Head Office and Distribution Centre, covers a large area of approximately three million sq ft. A total of 16 separate buildings make up the complex. These are mostly offices and warehouses, but there are also two multi-storey staff car parks, a conference centre, plus a sports and leisure centre.

In early 2018, the company began an estate digitisation process, and asked Digital Inc. to undertake a full 3D measured survey of all the buildings and surrounding grounds, including landscaping and surface car parking. From this, we were to develop a BIM-ready survey model of the entire site.

Our first task was to assemble a project team with the precise mix of skills and expertise required. As this was a complex project consisting of many different strands, our team of specialists and technicians comprised of:

  • 2 terrestrial laser scanning teams
  • 1 drone/UAV team
  • 1 CCTV pipe survey specialist team
  • 1 underground utilities surveyor
  • 8 BIM technicians
  • 1 visualiser/photographer
  • 1 dedicated project manager
  • 1 dedicated quality controller