Modern technology has many great tools for the construction industry as more projects are led by machines and cameras. Before 3D laser scanning, measurements were taken with a tape measure, paper and pencil. The structure was then painstakingly pieced together from numerous photos and dimensions, which meant that frequent site visits were needed to fill in gaps in the information.

Nowadays, architects and engineers can create an accurate 3D model of their project quickly and easily. 3D laser scanning is undoubtedly the best way to capture accurate as-built conditions for building documentation. Our laser scanning equipment will provide you with accurate dimensions and measurements for a variety of projects in the built environment.

How does a laser scan work?

When you come to us with a rough plan or an idea, we will use our state-of-the-art software and equipment to scan the area. Our laser scanning technology is powerful and accurate, so it helps to complete and verify surveys and models more easily.

Laser software captures a vast amount of data in a short time, so it is a great tool to quickly provide answers to the questions being asked by managers, investors and more.

How accurate is 3D laser scanning?

3D laser scanning is far more accurate and much quicker than traditional methods. Using the latest equipment, we can measure every part of your project to the nearest centimetre without any problems.

When we have performed this 3D laser scan, we are then able to recommend solutions for the future of your project, help to generate new plans or even project manage the whole construction.

What are the benefits for your project?

The main benefit of a 3D laser scan is reduced design and construction costs, because:

  • You will have a greater understanding of the space and design limitations through 3D technology
  • 3D laser scanning has a far greater dimensional accuracy and will show as-built conditions, so you can easily ensure everything is correct
  • You will be able to understand and mitigate against design risks before ground is broken

BIM-ready modelling can complement the project throughout its various stages. Read more about our BIM support services.

How much does 3D laser scanning cost?

The cost of a 3D laser scan largely depends on the requirements and size of your project as well as  the level of detail needed for it. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will be able to give you an accurate quote.

Why choose Digital Inc for your laser scanning?

We are a leading UK provider of 3D laser scanning services with many years’ experience in the BIM environment. We have worked on many large-scale and complex projects for high-profile clients – have a look at our projects page. We can also help you outsource a range of services to our overseas experts.

To get a quote or find out more about our 3D laser scanning services, contact our team today.