H&M Distribution Warehouse

Magna Park, which houses the M&M distribution warehouse, is one of the UK’s main logistic hubs. It occupies a prominent position, strategically located close the M1 motorway and several of its key junctions. The Swedish fashion group took a 20-year lease on a new 750,000 sqft warehouse space in the park and instructed our client (a building services consultant) to deliver the M & E fit out.

Our client initially engaged an external supplier to develop the BIM for the M&E services. Unfortunately, our client had sought BIM support from a 3D CAD company who had little experience in BIM and it soon became apparent that the work produced was not fit for purpose. After several issues with this supplier proved impossible to resolve, our client contacted Digital Inc. to take over the project and see if we could help rectify their predicament and provide them with a correct and usable Building Information Model.

Our client supplied us with the an uncoordinated Revit model plus PDF and CAD mark-ups, but due to the time constraints it was impossible for us to start again from scratch. It became clear that our only course of action was to try to repair the poorly constructed model.

By this stage, the project schedule was in danger of slipping considerably. We assembled a core project team of 6 engineers with the high level of skill and M&E experience required and were given a timescale of 8 weeks to reverse the damage and pull the project back on track. We also dedicated a QC BIM Manager who worked hands-on with the team for at least 3 days each week, and participated in weekly client workshops.

One of the main issues was the lack of BIM software and protocols being used, together with the overall size of the project file. Coordination of the model was difficult to work with meaning we were unable to implement clash detection in any functional way.

By working together with the client, keeping them informed and making sure any problems were flagged up immediately, we were able to rescue the model and deliver a greatly improved BIM solution. Despite the time pressures, and significant issues with the software, we were confident in over 80% of the model now being coordinated.

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