Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

Digital Inc partnered with SVNG to conduct a comprehensive 3D survey of the service yard and surrounding area of the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). The goal of the survey was to create a detailed BIM-Ready survey of the area to assist with future planning and development.

To begin the survey process, we conducted a full 3D laser scan of the service yard and surrounding area of the AGO. This scan allowed us to capture accurate measurements and details of the various features in the area, including loading docks, parking spaces, and landscaping.

Using the data collected from the scans, we created a BIM-ready survey of the service yard and surrounding area that was ready for use by the AGO’s planning and development team. The survey was developed to LOD300, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the model. We worked closely with the client to convert the area’s fixtures, fittings, and equipment into BIM of the service yard and surrounding area.

The completed survey provided the AGO with a detailed BIM-Ready model of the service yard and surrounding area that allowed them to visualize and test their plans before any physical work was carried out. This helped to reduce costs and ensure that the area’s unique features were preserved.

Digital Inc and SVNG’s expertise in 3D laser scanning, point cloud modelling, and BIM surveys allowed us to provide the AGO with the necessary tools to carry out a successful planning and development project. We were proud to be a part of this project and look forward to continuing our partnership with the AGO and SVNG in the future.

Another successful project delivered as promised.

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