Maintaining and retaining the style and intricacies of a heritage building is one of the most challenging aspects to consider as an architect or engineer. There are a wide range of things to consider throughout the process, but the starting point is vital.

Our BIM services for heritage buildings at Digital Inc help to bring together the expertise and skills of various people during the process seamlessly. By entrusting our team, you will notice the difference that we can make to the whole project.

What is BIM for heritage and how can we help?

Any heritage building or listed property will have certain requirements during the design, remodelling and building process. These aspects must be carefully considered by a team of experts.

The additional support that our BIM (Building information modelling) can provide ensures that we have the best information available at each stage of the process.

We are able to offer bespoke support through our BIM for heritage buildings, helping to guide projects through our management and industry expertise.

Whether you are considering making a huge change to a heritage building or you need to check and analyse the lifespan of a development, our BIM for heritage could be the ideal tonic.

If you would like to understand specifically how our BIM for heritage applies to your project, get in contact with us today.