BIM is not merely the initial drawing of a building or even the end product. It will be the combination of everything from internal mapping, lifecycle planning, immersive interactive tours and maintenance schedules.

Everything can be organised from start to finish with the help and support of a BIM service provider. At Digital Inc we have become a leading provider of BIM services which can be moulded to suit a wide range of scenarios.

What can our team at Digital Inc offer our company when it comes to BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is used the world over to guide projects of various sizes and scales. This investment should be devolved to a team like ours. We can offer global outsourcing, BIM management and 3D laser scanning – all of which will help to start your project in the right direction.

Our professional team will begin with BIM consultation which will help you to understand our capabilities and the importance of choosing a professional BIM team for your project.

We work hard to ensure that you are guided by a BIM service provider that has the latest technologies to hand. This, combined with our ability to outsource our BIM management services, helps us to keep costs low but the quality high for all our clients.

To begin the journey with our team at Digital Inc, make sure you speak with us today.