We are a leading BIM service provider at Digital Inc. This has developed over many years and helped to establish our professional team as a trustworthy and experienced team.

In the past our team have helped construction companies, architects, designers and planners to find a solution to their needs. Read more about the BIM services we can offer you.

To help you understand why we are selected for these services, here are three ways in which we can help you:

  1. BIM management

    From beginning to end our professionals can provide you with appropriate BIM management. This BIM management will help to establish a clear direction for the project and ensure you make the most of your investment in BIM.

  2. BIM consultation

    Before you choose to invest and place your money on BIM, it’s vital that you seek the advice and guidance of a professional team like ours. Choose our BIM consultation to outline how we can help your project move from stage to stage.

  3. BIM training and implementation

    To upgrade your effectiveness and understanding of the BIM environment, we can help you to secure training and implementation for your future projects. Embrace BIM collaborative workflows, the fundamentals, Revit basics and much more through training. Get to know more about technology implementation for the good of your next project too with Digital Inc.

To understand more about our work as a BIM service provider and how we can assist you, make sure you get in contact with us today.