BIM is a vitally important element of a project that allows you to adjust, assess and amend according to the requirements of the conditions of the environment. The number of people involved in a building project – no matter its size or scale – is huge. Scan to BIM not only helps you ensure that you have a reliable design, it also facilitates transparency, collaboration and communication across the project.

What is scan to BIM?

In scan to BIM a 3D laser scanner is used to create a digital representation of real-world conditions, covering all physical and functional characteristics. The 3D image captured by the laser scanner is then converted into a 3D BIM model.

What are the benefits of scan to BIM?

Through 3D modelling software we can create an as-built model from this scan, which provides the data enabling decisions on the project design.

BIM has various benefits in the design and construction phases of a project, especially compared to traditional 2D surveys:

  • Extremely accurate scans
  • Only one site visit is needed to collect the data
  • Because information can be shared faster, scan 2 BIM helps more effective communication and collaboration on projects

Have a look at our Geomatics page for scan 2 BIM and other services we offer.

Why Digital Inc?

We have many years of experience  working with companies for both small and large construction projects. Have a look at one of our previous projects, the John Lewis Headquarters in central London.

Our scan 2 BIM services at Digital Inc will give you the best possible measurements at the start of the project. We use only high-quality laser scanning technology to create quick and accurate readings for you to use on your project.

This data can then be translated through its various stages until we have a fully scalable BIM product ready to be delivered to you.

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