BIM (Building Information Modelling) takes all of the data and information from a prospective building and turns it into a fully-functional, viewable, shareable and manageable asset. In our work as a professional BIM service provides we support companies large and small in projects, renovations, refurbishments and new builds.

Information is everywhere and is impossible to avoid. The way we function and mould this information is the thing that evolves and has altered over time. At Digital Inc we turn information in the construction, architecture and building planning sectors into logical and future-proof information models.

Why use Digital Inc’s BIM services?

We work hard at Digital Inc to offer an abundance of options for our customers all over the world. Our offering includes BIM outsourcing services as well as a range of benefits over traditional information modelling. Our team will guide you towards the ideal BIM service for your needs. We are suited to various and diverse applications, which all require our 3D laser scanning technology, ability to chop and change plans and apply amendments via investors and architects. Find out more about our BIM services on our consulting pages.

To find out how our work as a BIM service provider could improve and upgrade your experience, get in contact with us today.