Consultancy is the backbone of many businesses. Guiding decisions, informing individuals and forming the knowledge base for the future, a good consultant can help you to realise your ideas.

At Digital Inc we have a team of BIM (Building Information Modelling) consultants that have gained a vast array of experience in the building, engineering and design sectors. This expertise ensures that we can mould around your designs, plans and ideas.

How does our BIM consultancy work at Digital Inc?

Visualisation. Support. Advice. There are plenty of ways our team have helped companies in the past. Our BIM consultancy has the ability to give you the ingredients all successful businesses need in the future: training, management and strategic planning.

In addition to our professional BIM consultants at Digital Inc, we can give you the chance to evolve your effectiveness in the industry. Any expertise that is required can be imparted by our professionals who can advise you on the next steps. This comes through a number of vital services, such as:

  • Reporting of model issues through Excel, PDF and RCF
  • Asset Information Requirement support
  • Task and Master Information Delivery Plans
  • Information management workshops

Our BIM consultants are able to mould these services and more depending on your requirements. All of this can be discussed at length to ensure you have everything you need to evolve in the world of BIM.

Get in contact with us to find out more.