At Digital Inc we have a team of BIM (Building Information Modelling) engineers who have the experience and expertise to help guide the design of buildings across the UK and the world.

Our work at Digital Inc has been offering help and support for the planning and designing stage of buildings for many years, and the technology now allows our BIM engineers to successfully plan each stage of the building’s lifespan – creating a futureproof design that is ready to be changed to suit the project’s needs. Read more about our consulting services.

If you were to reveal a building from the outside layer by layer, you would be able to see the work that has gone into making it. Whether that’s a huge skyscraper or a home, the makeup of any building is packed full of information that must be planned and designed to the nearest millimetre in order to ensure integrity, longevity and reliability.

Why choose Digital Inc for BIM engineers?

We have the ability to provide you with a number of different BIM engineers who each have their own specialities and experiences in this highly-fraught sector. To guide and hone your design to its logical conclusion, it is vitally important that you have support from a BIM engineer such as ours at Digital Inc.

To discover more about our work and how you can make the most of our services for BIM, speak with our professionals today.