Organising a project to flow from start to finish smoothly will be difficult each time. Whether you are attempting to begin a new idea or get expert information on your current plans, you will need to call upon a team with expertise in the construction, designing and planning world. At Digital Inc we have a team of BIM consultants that can help you receive the assurances that you need to know your project is heading in the right direction.

Why BIM?

Our BIM (Building information modelling) will provide you with everything that you need to see your ideas and plans turned into blueprints with an eye for the future. This is where our consultancy services come in to provide you with the support that you need to kickstart your project.

Why choose Digital Inc’s BIM consultants?

Here are three ways our BIM consultants can help you:

  1. Discover flaws in your project: Analysing and uncovering the plans you have setup will give us the chance to notice flaws or problems with your designs. Our laser scanning technology can help to note potential issues.
  2. Takeover specific elements: Our BIM consultants can provide advice but also use their expertise to help with specific areas of your design or the actioning of a project.
  3. Offer regular updates: Throughout the process, our BIM consultants can help to ensure that your project is guided through each stage.

To discuss your options and opportunities with our BIM consultants, please speak with us today.