It’s vital for your construction project to get assurances from a team of experts before, during and after your project is completed. You need to understand what a building or development will look like when it is finished – especially the features and location of a construction need to be carefully thought out. To ensure absolute accuracy throughout this is normally done through an as-built survey.

At the end of the construction another as-built survey is often used to see how the proposition relates to the finished building.

What is an as-built survey?

Construction projects go through many changes before completion. One of the main purposes of as-built surveys is to document changes that diverge from the original design, as these surveys help you visualise the modifications that were made and how they will affect the project.

An as-built survey shows the dimensions, location and geometry of all of the project’s components. Floor plans commonly include all details including walls, doors and windows as well as plumbing.

Why are as-built surveys so important?

Uncovering a problem about an area when a construction begins could cause a set back of weeks, or even months for the project, and more often than not means extra costs are incurred.

An as-built survey is integral to cost-effective construction. We offer expert advice and guidance throughout the process alongside your professional project manager. Each stage helps to iron out any issues and potential problems and leaves you with a fully functioning design ready for the next stage.

Why choose Digital Inc for an as-built survey?

We have a wide range of experience in the sector, including many small and large-scale projects. Our specialist team here at Digital Inc can help you with as-built surveys for a variety of projects, from supporting commercial construction or re-evaluating land after a construction is completed. Have a look at one of our previous projects, Crossrail Station Concourse, Whitechapel.

Our surveys take into account everything to produce an accurate evaluation of the land – either before, during or after – to identify issues or potential problems.

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How much is an as-built survey?

The cost of an as-built survey depends on the requirements and size of your project. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will be able to give you an accurate quote.

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