The initial plans for a building have to be accurate to ensure that every minor aspect fits into place. There is no reason to create a set of blueprints without knowing and trusting in the technology you are using. This is one of the main reasons that our 3D laser scanning is used across the UK, on top of a number of other reasons.

At Digital Inc our ability to perform 3D laser scanning for a wide range of applications has become a leading feature of our work in the UK. Whether you are planning a huge development or a tricky reconstruction on a building, you will need to get accurate readings from the very beginning.

How does our 3D laser scanning work and function for your project?

When you come to us with a rough plan or an idea, we will use our state-of-the-art software and equipment to scan the area. Using the latest equipment allows us to measure every part of your project to the nearest centimetre without any problems. When we have performed this 3D laser scan, we are able to recommend pointers on the future of your project, help to generate new plans or even project manage the whole construction.

To discover more about our experienced 3D laser scanning techniques, speak with our team today.