The developments in creating models, plans and blueprints of a building have transformed the way we design and create construction projects. Whether it’s an underground drainage system, a block of flats or a new road, a successful construction project needs the right planning and complete accuracy from the first to the last minute.

At Digital Inc we provide 3D building surveys for architects, engineers and construction workers so that every stage of your project is planned properly.

Our 3D building survey uses 3D laser scanning technology, which is far more accurate and much quicker than traditional methods. This means we can measure every part of your project to the nearest centimetre, which in turn allows you to see the project in its entirety.

What is the benefit of a 3d building survey?

  • Reduce and plan for risks in construction: you’ll be able to put your name on a project that has considered every avenue. The building survey will create an easy-to-view project ready for the next stage.
  • Save money and time on discussions: knock out the unnecessary stages of the construction and coordinate the parts that make up the whole project with ease.
  • Quick and easy: our 3D laser scanning will give you an instant visual guide to your project, with speed and accuracy.

Find out more about our services on our geomatics pages.

How does a 3d survey compare to an ordinary 2d drawing?

3D laser scans are far more accurate and also quicker than traditional methods.

This means that our 3D surveys offer you:

  • Mitigation against design flaws and construction risks
  • Increased knowledge of the existing conditions where your construction sits
  • Reduced need for further planning
  • Save time and money on the whole project
  • Discover design limitations for the entirety of the construction project

Why Digital Inc for your 3d survey?

Our team of experts has many years experience in building projects, large and small, and give you the best chance to discover the ramifications and areas for improvement in your prospective building. Have a look at one of our previous projects: John Lewis Headquarters, London.

Our 3D laser technology uses the highest-quality equipment in the industry. This technology allows us to create an accurate survey quickly with the added benefit that you can change the plans if you need to, for example because you discover that something is wrong.

We can also offer you other services designed to guide your project from start to finish and through to the future planning of the building.

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