Why Cost Effective 4D BIM Solutions Are The Way Forward

Everyone involved in a build appreciates the visual representation of their investment, architecture or future custom. It’s important, therefore, to accurately display the construction process according to program and site logistics. Our cost effective 4D BIM solutions at Digital Inc can help to explain and reinforce their backing.

When stakeholders, investors and business owners need to understand the construction, they are rarely pleased with simple answers. Our visual representation models allow you to translate the process throughout many languages and ensure that those invested in the project know the progression of it.

We create 4D BIM to explore the journey your project will take. The detailed sequence of events will provide you with accurate time-scales and quality visualisations of the steps involved in the project, be it site wide programming or detailed assemblies in specific areas. Our BIM solutions enable you to accurately gauge the course of construction activity depending on our set programme within BIM.

This includes: site management, time scales, detailed phasing and cost estimations. By calling upon our 4D BIM solutions, you will begin to shape up a complete project including the sequencing and phasing stages.

To find out how our range of cost effective solutions can create accurate visualisations for various stakeholders, contact our team today.