Three Important Services We Offer As One Of The Finest BIM Service Providers

Engineers, developers, architects, investors and more have a vested interest in the planning and shaping of any building project. The increased importance of transparency throughout a project has made alternatives to blueprints and multiple drafts fall by the wayside. As a professional BIM (Building Information Modelling) service provider we’re chosen by those creating buildings across the world for the exceptional array of support we can provide.

To show you our wide expertise at Digital Inc as a BIM service provider, here’s three of our most important services that could be ideal for your project:

  • 3D Surveys: Typically chosen over traditional methods it’s important that you select a team with experience in this field. We’re able to use laser technology to plan and track the space that you have available.
  • BIM Consulting: Above all our services at Digital Inc we’re trusted to help your project reach its finality by providing our sound consulting advice. Our team are waiting to take on board your problems and find the ideal solutions to them.
  • 3D to 7D BIM: We’re able to turn our hand to creating BIM for almost any project. Whether you’re after a simple design of your building or a complete lifespan plan, you can get it at Digital Inc.

Discover the full extent of our work as BIM service provider by getting in contact with us.