Quality BIM Surveys For Architecture

Architecture is the whole design process from beginning to end in construction. Design, planning and the construction of a building is a highly considered process. Our team at Digital Inc help to this end with our BIM surveys for architecture which will provide you with a visualisation of the whole project.

The evolution of architecture in the modern world has put a greater emphasis on the design stage. From the regal and grand Edwardian architecture of the UK in the early 20th century to Brutalism in the mid-point of the same century, it’s a passionate talking point.

To begin the process of constructing a building, the visualisation stage is integral. Our BIM engineers here at Digital Inc are highly trained to cope with the demands of architectural and engineering technology to create your 3D model.

Not only can we deliver 360-degree panoramic images of your proposals with the latest technology, but our BIM surveys enable us to create accurate 3D Revit models of the existing building. Our surveys will detail everything you and the investors in your project need to know about the process and proposed final build.

Our team of experts have been tasked with the design of iconic designs such as the Old War Office in Whitehall, Whitechapel CrossRail station and Kings Pavilion in Aberdeen.

To discover more about our BIM surveys for architecture, get in touch with us today.