Find A Professional BIM Service Provider

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is trusted across the world to aid the construction of a building from the ground up. Through the formative stages of a project all the way through to the finishing touches, it’s important that investors, individuals and more can view a transparent and detailed overview of your prospective building plans.

At Digital Inc, we understand that the highly-fraught world of construction requires accuracy and flexibility. As a leading BIM service provider in the UK, we’re able to create a vast array of BIM services for your project to ensure the smooth running of it.

Your project may benefit from our 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D or even 7D BIM services that aim to ensure everyone involved in the project can see the different stages of the build. Our 3D BIM is trusted by architects, engineers and safety experts because it expertly creates timescales and visualisations with laser accuracy.

At the other end of our BIM spectrum is 7D BIM. This is a fine example of how to maintain and prolong your building after its construction. We can use BIM to manufacture CAD simulation models and inform asset management; allowing you to effortlessly focus on the lifecycle and maintenance plans of your building over time.

To discover more about our footing as a leading BIM service provider, get in contact with us.