Discover More About Our Standing As A BIM Level 2 Compliant Company

The drive of BIM throughout the construction industry in recent years – prompted in part by the government’s plans to cut public sector asset costs by 20% – has put more pressure on companies to be compliant with BIM level 2. This is where our team at Digital Inc can help you.

As a professional BIM company, we’re the AEC experts you’ve been looking for. Our exceptional and broad range of services in terms of BIM has made us one of the leading companies to turn to when designing, planning or organising your building project.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative approach to the building process and allows key stakeholders, managers, engineers and architects to all get a seat at the table before any plans are made. This allows the whole building process, the construction aspect and the lifecycle of the building to be put on paper before it’s finalised.

Our BIM level 2 work is sure to give you the quality options that you need. Whether you’re looking for 2D drafts and documents or you require 3D modelling or even 6D sustainability lifecycles, you can put your faith in our team at Digital Inc to have the solutions for you.

To find out more about our standing as a BIM level 2 company in the UK, speak to us today.