Cost Effective BIM Solutions

Benefitting from our cost effective BIM solutions is now even easier. The range options available to you at Digital Inc ensures you can display and visualise your projects as never before. With 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D modelling, our BIM solutions are already helping businesses all over the world.

Guaranteeing that everyone understands the construction process can be problematic. With BIM models created for your project, everyone can see how the build will evolve, making it easier to explain the work as well as the constraints on site.

In any project, the stakeholders like to visualise their investment. With our range of BIM solutions, it’s easy for everyone to see the layers of construction and the scheduling of the build. Our 5D BIM models are ideal to organise the quantities and costs for your project.

We can deliver 5D Virtual Designs and Construction models loaded with substantial information – from the start right through to the finish of your project. Making changes to any part of the design has implications for the rest of the construction project, effecting quantities of materials and costs. Using BIM, you can see the consequences of any changes almost immediately.

Our cost effective bespoke BIM solutions can help you and your stakeholders fully understand each stage of your construction, every step of the way.

To find out how our BIM solutions can help your build, contact our team today.