BIM 3D Laser Scanning For Your Project

The accuracy of lasers combined with the expertise of our BIM engineers will ensure that we produce the best quality survey models for your project. At Digital Inc, our BIM 3D laser scanning gives you the ability to model the as-built conditions of your project in correct BIM format and view it across various disciplines.

When a project comes together, there are plenty of people with their interest in its progress. Engineers, manufacturers, structural engineers, builders and investors all require to see the project from different angles with access to diverse information.

We have developed our BIM services to fit in with the ever-changing landscape of the design and build environment. Outsourcing our Business Information Modelling has meant we have many more strings to our bow, enabling us to hand-pick the most appropriate engineers for your project.

This not only gives you cost-effective 3D laser scanning, but enables us to create extremely accurate models for you to show off to those involved. By using our 3D BIM services, you will benefit from improved foresight and direction for the project.

Our team at Digital Inc will source the best minds just for your project. That means you’ll be rewarded with an affordable BIM service that requires as little management from you as possible.

To discover how our process works and how it can help you, get in touch with us today.