Our 4D BIM (Building Information Modelling) services help to design each stage of your construction project  and understand how it will impact on your budget throughout the project’s lifecycle.

What is 4D Building Information Modelling?

If an extra dimension of scheduling data is added to a standard BIM model, this is called 4D BIM. It provides precise and useful information for teams in a construction project.

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How does 4D BIM help your project?

A 4D model makes it possible for all parties in a project – architects, designers and contractors, as well as clients – to plan and sequence the physical activities of the project and monitor progress through the lifetime of the project.

We create 4D BIM to explore the journey your project will take. The detailed sequence of events will provide you with accurate time-scales and quality visualisations of the steps involved in the project, be it site-wide programming or detailed assemblies in specific areas.

Our BIM solutions enable you to gauge the course of construction activity depending on our set programme within BIM. This includes: site management, time scales, detailed phasing and cost estimations.

By using 4D modelling you can expect:

  • better delivery time and therefore cost savings
  • mitigated risk because of better team communication and collaboration
  • improved quality

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Why Digital Inc?

Our team of experts at Digital Inc have many years of experience working in the sector where we have helped companies to realise their building projects with simplicity.

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